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Automotive air conditioning and heating parts aren't so very complicated, once you know the basics. With just a little information, you'll be able to handle air conditioning installation yourself. This will come in very handy if you have a classic car without A/C, and you'd like to add the feature.

The condenser is one of the automotive air conditioning and heating parts you'll be handling when you work with A/C. Basically, the condenser takes your refrigerant, and turns it from a gas into a liquid. You'll recognize the condenser because it has a great many coils, much like a radiator.

In order to find the condenser, look for your car's radiator. Quite often, the condenser will be just in front of that component. If something goes wrong with your condenser, you should have little trouble replacing it with a new part, provided you shop from the right online parts store.

When adding classic automotive air conditioning to a car that has no A/C, you'll need more than just a condenser. For such a job, you'll need a kit with everything you need to install a full A/C system. Happily, such kits are readily available from the best online stores, and at very reasonable prices.

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