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Suspension repair

Auto Suspension system provides a stable, smooth, even and comfortable ride. It is challenging to find steering or suspension problems.

Before changing the parts it is better to check all the nuts and bolts to make sure that the problem has not occurred due to loose nuts and bolts.

Suspension Repair

The following are the symptoms showing suspension problems:

  • If the car is getting pulled on one side while driving
  • If there is low and uneven tire pressure
  • If there is uneven tire wear - check for tire wear and replace the tires as and when required.
  • If there is bad alignment of wheels check wheel alignment.
  • If there are bad steering components.
  • Check the break caliper. If they are sticking to the tires then replace them.
  • If the wheels are wandering and are unbalanced.

Suspension is a term used for shock absorbers. It s also called the linkage between car and the wheels.

The suspension system has two advantages

  • It places the car wheels in firm contact with the road.
  • It provides a comfortable ride to the passengers without road noise, distraction and vibration.

There are certain car suspension problems and how they can be rectified is given below:

Shock Absorbers: If the car rides on rough roads there is a possibility that the shock absorbers would be worn out. Ultimately, the worn out shock absorber should be replaced.

Spring fatigue: If your car height is going down then we need to check the springs. If the springs are old, tired and worn out then you need to replace them.

Worn Ball Joints: If your car makes noises while turning. It is a sign of worn ball joint. Ball joints can be worn out if they are not lubricated properly or are in prolonged used for a long time. Worn ball joints should be replaced.

Suspension Bushings: A cars suspension system has rubber bushings at the inner end of the control arms, which keeps the wheel in position. And when the suspension bushing is worn out then steering problems and abnormal tire wear may happen. So, in this case the bushings must be replaced.

MacPherson Struts: MacPherson Struts is a car suspension system named after Earle S MacPherson Struts. This type of car suspension is widely used in modern vehicles. The features of McPherson struts were first introduced in Ford Vedette in 1949.

Computerized Suspenson: If the car suspension is of the computerized type then you have to use a scan tool to troubleshoot a problem. Faulty sensors, solenoids, actuator motors, relay or failure of the compressor motors are to be detected with the help of the scanning tool.

In this way the car suspension problems occur and can be rectified as well.

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