Automotive Repair

Automotive Repair

Welcome to automotive repair site. This site is a complete guide with manuals for automotive repair.

Automotive Repair

Automotive repair problems can be frustrating, time consuming and sometimes very costly. Although all automobile repair problems cannot be eliminated, the tips we are providing can help you avoid these problems by being prepared.

This web site uniquely addresses automotive maintenance and automotive repair items at a summary level to provide a valuable supplement to detailed service and maintenance manuals. It talks about simpler areas like dealing with bad shocks and complex areas like engine rebuilding and air conditioning repairs. If you are looking for auto dealers or car dealers in your area, then visit

Engine Repair

Engine Repair section features how to troubleshoot and repair engine components, ignition systems, inspect and repair small engine fuel systems. Disassemble and rebuild all types of small engines like two-stroke engines, four stroke engines, outboard engines, and riding mower engines.

Electrical Repair

Electrical Repair section features the electrical repair issues regarding battery, spark plugs, alternator, starter, replacement of fuse and automobile starting problems.

Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair section deals with issues like installation of air conditioner, problems related with compressor, cooling system, accumulator, radiator etc.

Body Repair

Body repair Section features all processes starting with cleaning car, using automotive cleaning products and problems regarding painting and dent repair. Body repair techniques are more a matter of finesse and touch than muscle.

Break Repair

Brake Repair section features topics like the inspection and repair of breaks, upgrade and rebuild brakes etc.

General Repair

General Repair section features some of the commmon problems faced with automotives. The section includes the general troubleshooting steps applicable to most of the automotives.

Parts And Accessories

Parts And Accessories section has all about the different automotives accessories and parts, the major problems faced and the troubleshooting steps. Featured in this section are headlights, mobile AV system, woofer etc.

Steering Repair

Steering Repair section features issues like, inspection of damage, adjustment of steering, steering replacement, hydraulic and power steering systems etc.

Suspension Repair

Suspension Repair Section features related problems like car bouncing, inspection of suspension and steering, strut assembly, replacement of old struts etc.

Tire Repair

This section gives instructions for checking the automotive tires, servicing a flat tire, cleaning the automotive wheels and more.

Transmission Repair

All about transmission, and the transmission repair issues like spotting transmission problems, reinstallation of transmission, clutch replacement etc are some of the topics covered in this section.

Windows Repair

Windows Repair section provides instructions for issues like disassembly of door, installaion of wipers, windshield repair and more.

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